Washing Machine Cleaner
Washing Machine Cleaner

Washing Machine Cleaner

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De-gunk your machine. Sport Suds Washing Machine Cleaner loosens soap scum, mineral deposits, foreign debris and other growth and washes them away. It's unique fragrance-free formulation cleans effectively and removes odor causing materials at their source without the need to resort to perfume to mask remaining odors. Suitable for both top-loading washers and front-loading HE washers.

  • Empty machine of all clothes
  • Place contents of one package of Sport Suds Washer Cleaner in detergent drawer or directly in wash machine tub
  • Set washer for hot water and longest cycle available
  • Set optional extra rinse if available
  • Run a second cycle using cold water only without adding cleaner or detergent
  • Heavily soiled machines may require a second treatment
  • Use monthly to maintain washer in ultra clean condition